July 4th, 2006

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Discussion Extension: 2.7 "Lie to Me" for the week of July 4, 2006

Hey all!

Just an announcement that due to the distraction and traveling occasioned by the holiday weekend in Canada & the U.S., we're going to extend our discussion on 2.7: Lie to Me for another week.

So this week, we'll still be discussing the key episode, Lie to Me. Head on over and weigh in on Buffy's old friend from L.A., the manuevering and plotting Ford, the 'net girl Willow having boys (*cough* Angel) in her room, Xander and the others trying to go undercover at the vampire-lovers club, and the real start of the Angel/Drusilla/Spike triangle (or should that be the Buffy/Angel/Drusilla/Spike quadrangle?)!