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Episodic Buffy

Discussing the Buffyverse, one episode at a time...

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer is over, but the viewers' consideration of the show need not be. This community is for people who love to watch (the episodes, duh) and discuss a variety of topics -- from the show's cultural implications, to the ethical quandries raised by its subject matter, to its innovations of genre, to more straightforward issues like costuming, camera angles, storyline decisions, and the work of individual writers.

The full range of topics can and should be considered fair game -- We can talk about the complicated relationship of Eros and Thanatos (roughly, Love and Death) on the show; we can talk about parental relationships in the context of Joyce and Giles, we can talk about Angelus and why evil means wearing leather pants. As long the topic relates in some way to the episode under discussion, it's a go.

Every week, we'll begin discussion on a new episode centered around topics and questions posed by the moderator, entrenous88. If you can view the episodes under scrutiny in advance of the discussion, that's great, but it's not necessary. I'll be making a post of places to look for transcripts and episode-related trivia (as supplements or for those who don't have the DVDs at their fingertips), and will update our list of resources as we get links from members.